Where Is The Best Mac And Cheese In Your State?

Buzzfeed and Yelp have done it again. Get ready for a road trip to find the best mac and cheese in the state. Buzzfeed teamed with Yelp and used their review algorithms to find the restaurants that had the top reviewed macaroni and cheese in all 50 states.  Just by scrolling through the pictures, you're gonna get hungry. 

Check out the top 10 spots

1. Mrs Bs Home Cooking, Montgomery, Alabama

2. Ginger, Anchorage, Alaska

3. Rusconi's American Kitchen, Phoenix, Arizona

4. Wright's Barbecue, Johnson, Arkansas

5. AJ's Fish Market, Lake Elsinore, California

6. Acres, Englewood, Colorado

7. Sandra's Next Generation, New Haven, Connecticut

8. Henlopen City Oyster House, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

9. Patty Macs Hollywood, Hollywood, Florida

10. GG's Southern Kitchen, Valdosta, Georgia

See the full list here

Where is the best mac and cheese in your city? 

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