Watch Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders Discuss Health Care in New Campaign Video

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders' relationship goes back to the Vermont senator’s 2016 presidential campaign. Mike, who has campaigned for Bernie, sat down with the senator for a one-on-one to discuss healthcare, economic freedom, and Cardi B. 

In the almost 10-minute video, Sanders and Mike discuss how Bernie’s policy lines up with the Poor People’s Campaign of the 60s where MLK marched on Washington in support of fair economic laws for poor people. 

They went on to talk about homelessness, universal healthcare and how they both know people who have died due to lack of healthcare and insulin rationing. 

The men also discussed Cardi B and her statements about taxes, Mike agreed with Cardi in that he doesn’t mind paying higher taxes as long as the money goes to help disadvantaged people. The video can be viewed on YouTube. 

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