The Do's And Dont's Of Wearing A Mask At A Restaurant During The Pandemic

Dining out has ramped up again in many places as the pandemic goes on. With social distancing and capacity rules in place, many restaurants require you to wear a mask unless you are eating or drinking. The Huffington Post talked to doctors about the best ways to stay safe while you are at a restaurant.

First, sanitize your hand right after sitting down. Bring some portable sanitizer with you. When you take your mask off, grab it by the straps. Don't put your mask on the table. Droplets spread COVID-19, and some could contaminate your face covering if it's out in the open. If you can, put your mask in a small paper bag or another breathable container so it can dry and stay protected. Also, keep your interaction with the server to a minimum. Don't have them coming back to the table over and over again if you don't need to so that you limit contact.

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