Record Cold Temps and A Rare September Snow Arrive This Week

The U.S. is about to get some record cold temperatures plus snow this week - and we're barely into September! A strong cold front is set to move out of Canada at the beginning of the week, with chilly temps felt from the Dakotas all the way to Texas.  CNN says it's going to be a dramatic temperature swing in cities like Colorado, where temps will drop from the weekend's high-nineties all the way down to 37 degrees on Tuesday. 

That's around a 60 degree drop! With this sudden cold front, parts of the Rocky Mountains could see up to eight inches of snow.  The Rocky Mountains usually don't get considerable snowfall until October. Get your coats out storage, because seasonal temps will also drop by 40 degrees in parts of the Plains, Midwest and South, too.

  Denver Forecast

7 Day Forecast Monday 94° / 35° Plenty of sunPlenty of sun20%94°35° Tuesday 38° / 30° Periods of snowPeriods of snow80%38°30° Wednesday 40° / 33° Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy20%40°33° Thursday 59° / 38° Partly cloudyPartly cloudy0%59°38° Friday 70° / 45° Mostly sunnyMostly sunny0%70°45° Saturday 74° / 48° Abundant sunshineAbundant sunshine0%74°48° Sunday 80° / 50° Mainly sunnyMainly sunny0%80°50°

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