LeBron James Denied Trademark for ‘Taco Tuesday’

LeBron James loves tacos, he does funny videos with his family about tacos and even wanted to trademark “Taco Tuesday” but unfortunately his taco dreams were halted after the basketball star’s trademark was denied. 

Attorney Josh Gerben tweeted about the trademark denial of “Taco Tuesday” writing, that the name is a  “commonplace message,” that fails to function as a trademark.  James had plans for a “Taco Tuesday” podcast as well as merchandise bearing the popular cuisine culture. 

A restaurant in Illinois was fearful about James obtaining the trademark and tried to protest citing they would be unable to advertise their “Taco Tuesday” restaurant on social media if LeBron obtained the trademark. 


Do you think James went too far by trying to trademark “Taco Tuesday?”

Where is your favorite place to celebrate “Taco Tuesday?”

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