"I Can't Breathe (Again)" MUSIC VIDEO | A Meazy, Wil Guice, Chy Reco, Ramond & Produced by Mic Coats

A Meazy, Wil Guice, Chy Reco & Ramond have teamed up for a much-needed song called "I Can't Breathe (Again)" produced by the talent Mic Coats. The powerful song arrives with support from Barbershop Uncut. The video also shows a community coming together for a fight against police brutality and real justice and equality. These artists speak for so many unheard voices and for people who still NEED justice to this day. Please continue and support not just these artists but the message behind what they are saying we have seen changes by coming together and its a great start the power in numbers they can't stop us.

Here's a message from the team:

It goes without saying that we all must take a moment and give honor to those whose lives have been brutally taken in this fight for real justice and equality. Too many in fact... to enumerate. Life is a precious infinite gift, our time on this earth with family and friends however is anything but. Any one light extinguished prematurely is not only an unspeakable pain for those left behind to endure, but a scar on the legacy of this aspiring nation. A wound that will not heal until the promise of freedom and liberty is enjoyed by all. We honor the lives of the fallen with this heart felt expression and our commitment to the fight for positive change in the name of humanity. Rest in power and peace.

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