Cece Peniston Alleges Lizzo Sampled ‘Finally’ For Her Hit ‘Juice’ Without Permission

Singer Lizzo is under fire again for copyright infringement! This time it’s coming from singer Cece Peniston, known for her hit, Finally. Peniston called Lizzo out and accused her of using the “Ya Ya” sample from Finally for the song, Juice. Peniston took to social media and posted, just for the record and so you understand … anytime anybody uses a song over 7 seconds thats using a ‘portion’ of their copyright, Lizzo not only takes over that, she’s used several times adding up to about 40 seconds, its my lyric it’s written down as well, it’s the signature to the opening in my song #finally and all commercials are using it from the “Adlib “ section because they know it’s catchy sooo “#notjustanadlib it’s a check !!!!

Peniston also broke it down further a few days later by posting a clip of the two songs together and the caption read, the star “chopped it up” and used the “Ya Ya (or “Yeah Yeah”?).” several times in her song in a similar way that she uses “Ya Ya” in “Finally.”

Meanwhile, Lizzo’s attorney says that Peniston's claims are BS!

Do you think the two songs sound alike?


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