Alicia Keys Shares Poem To Her Youngest Son

Alicia Keys wrote a beautiful poem for her 5-year-old son Genesis. With a picture of him on Instagram, Keys wrote, "My beautiful baby boy / So curious and pure/ Yet SO clear about what you don’t want/ “NO!” you say with vigor / When you don’t like something going on in your small but powerful 5-year-old-world."

She continued, "I hope that never changes / I hope that inner strength and fire/ Never extinguishes ⁣/ And you never feel the sway to fit in ⁣/ Or be silenced." Keys went on to write, "I have a STRONG feeling you won’t/ That’s just not the fabric from which u came ⁣/ Look at you:⁣/ Future architect, Builder, Mastermind, Wisdom keeper, Re-shaper, Change maker.../ My Beautiful Baby Boy ⁣/ You are unstoppable!! #BlackLivesMatter."

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